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Luke Newton

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I grew up as a missionary kid in an Indian village in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. I was graciously saved at age of 6 and was blessed to be raised by parents who were strictly adherent graciously living out the gospel. My family moved to San Antonio when I was 14 and I attended high school in San Antonio (where I met my future wife Gabrielle).

I attended Texas A&M (and graduated in 4 years) where Daniel was my college roommate (who took way more than 4 years to finish.) I went on to graduate studies in Dallas for four years and married my wife while in school there. We then moved to Durham, NC for 4 more years of training. All these travels have allowed us to worship at a Presbyterian church, 2 Bible churches, and Baptist church; I have been blessed by worshiping in all these settings. These brothers and sisters of different traditions of worship have been instrumental in my growth as a Christian.

Gabrielle and I have 3 children who are currently range from kindergarten to Junior High. We love biking as a family and if we invite you biking, we likely have enough bikes to lend you some. Much of our family’s time is spent thinking about how to live out the gospel in the setting of our neighborhood and school relationships. We don’t do this perfectly but are constantly trying to grow in this area.

Marshall Asher

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2-13I grew up in Dallas, Texas. My parents were Christians, so my sisters and I were in church every week. Like so many of my friends, I pretended to be a Christian to please my parents and to avoid pressure from my church youth-ministry leader to “get saved.” What a hypocrite! Once I got to college, I abandoned all pretense of Christian faith and lived more honestly. However, whenever I was at home, I resumed my pretense of Christian life and faith. I even taught Sunday School!

It was during one of these periods of Bible-teaching hypocrisy, that I met Mary, the woman who would become my wife. She assumed I was a Christian and married me. It was her devout faith in Christ that God used to turn me from hypocrisy and turn to Christ for salvation. I will be eternally grateful for her faithfulness and God’s redeeming love extended to me through the Lord Jesus Christ.

I responded to the redemption I experienced in Christ by pouring my life into ministry through the church. In 1978, I became an elder/pastor. That was the beginning of a life of preaching, teaching, and pastoral care spanning 37 years and counting. In 2003, Mary and I both graduated with a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California. Our counseling ministry quickly became so life-consuming that it became necessary, in 2011, to retire from secular employment and devote myself full time to my pastoral responsibilities. It has been a great joy to invest my life in the lives of hurting people.

God has blessed Mary and I with two wonderful children and seven grandchildren.

Daniel Mollenkopf

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2I grew up here in San Antonio and was raised in a Christian home, coming to know Christ at age 6. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a master’s in Financial Management and then worked as a CPA for six years in the Houston area. I was the part-time and then full-time youth director at Founders Baptist Church for six years and completed an MDiv from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Houston Campus) in December 2012. I helped to plant Redeemer Community Church as the preaching elder in November 2012. I have been influenced by Richard Caldwell’s teaching ministry, John MacArthur’s commitment to biblical authority, John Piper’s passion for the glory of God, and Tim Keller’s ability to win over skeptics and missionally reach his city.

Michelle and I were married in 2004 and have two children, Haddon and Prentiss. I enjoy wrestling with my children, fishing, reading, drinking coffee, listening to good music, grilling (steak), playing and watching most sports (especially Aggie football), camping, discovering the latest Apple products, and especially, dating Michelle.

Daniel’s passion for Redeemer
I have seen first-hand the devastating impact of sinful choices in people’s lives, and I have also seen over and over that God’s Word proves true and His gospel gives life and joy. I greatly desire to see Redeemer become a church that learns together, shares life together, and reaches our city for the gospel together. I pray that God will create at Redeemer a relational environment where discipleship can unfold and where we can train and equip leaders to be faithful to teach, preach, and live the Word of God. I desire that this church would demonstrate how the gospel informs every area of life as we seek to serve the needy and broken around us. I have a passion to see San Antonio be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I look forward to the day when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Doug Mollenkopf

I was born in San Antonio and have lived most of my life here. I was saved in 1968 while taking classes at San Antonio College, then began attending Northside Baptist Church, where I met Brenda. We were married August 1969 and moved to San Marcos where I earned a Bachelor’s degree from Southwest Texas State University (now known as Texas State University). I joined the US Army and was stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas.

After four years of active duty with the Army, I transferred to the Army Reserves (later retiring with 31 years of service). I earned a Masters in Business Administration at Southwest Texas, where I also taught business courses for several years. I began work in real estate in 1983. Currently I am a real estate broker handling sales and property management.

Brenda and I have four sons, fourteen grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. I enjoy Bible study, and hunting and fishing with our sons and grandchildren. Special family times when we can all be together are highlights of each year.