We were fortunate enough to go through pre-marital counseling with Marshall and Mary Asher. They were very knowledgeable about the many circumstances that will arise in a new marriage. They were also very insightful on how to rightly apply the Bible to the many situations that occur in a marriage. We were definitely able to draw upon what we learned from them in first years of our marriage Since then, they have been a continued source of encouragement and wise biblical counsel.
– Charlie and Sally

The counseling was great! Looking back, the couple counseling us knew exactly what we needed and how to apply the Bible to my wife and I personally. Redeemer Counseling Services is the place where real people have real needs that find life changing answers for their lives centered around God and His word. I am encouraged to know that God gives us everything needed for life and godliness.
– Pablo

With the help of biblical counselors my wife and I saw our problems and our past through God’s eyes–and it gave us real hope for the first time in 3 years of marriage. Through this very personal ministry of God’s Word, a clear understanding of our own hearts opened our eyes to the reality that our sin–the inordinate focus on what others thought and our perceived needs–was destroying our home. We thought Marshall and Mary, our counselors, were helping us work on in-law relationships and how to train our children–and they were. But now, over 7 years later, we see how those precious counseling sessions were making our views of God greater, our problems smaller, and the sufficiency of God’s Word to address all of life’s challenges a reality.
– Franklin

The counseling ministry at Redeemer Community Church, particularly Marshall and Mary Asher, has had a major impact on our lives, our marriage and our children. We have been encouraged, strengthened and most of all loved. It has made all the difference in our lives as we walk with Jesus. I can say that we both love Him more and love others more. I want everyone to know the reason the counseling ministry has been so effective in our lives. It is because it is BIBLICAL counseling. We’re talking about God’s word! Now that is something to talk about….Praise the Lord!
– Chuck

When we first sat on Marshall and Mary’s couch five years ago, our marriage was in trouble. We struggled to communicate at all, much less, in profitable ways. We vacillated between fights and the silent treatment, and we were not hiding it from our kids, tension and stress permeated our home. Yet, even when our marriage seemed to be in its darkest moments, Marshall and Mary were able to shine the light of the Gospel into our situation, giving us hope and calling us to change and be conformed to Jesus Christ by teaching us to apply Scripture in every area of our lives, our thought life, prayer life, serving and loving others. From the first meeting we felt encouraged. Through homework, we were challenged to grow individually, as well as strive together as a couple to read God’s Word and do what it said. When we met together in sessions, Marshall and Mary would lovingly confront each of us about areas of sin in our lives and taught us how to search the Bible for God’s answers to our trials. They were patient with us, we knew they cared about us and wanted to see God working to restore our marriage, as well as each of us personally. We have a new marriage now, as God, through His Word and lovingkindness, has renewed our marriage and we strive to live in such a way that gives God the glory. There is no doubt in our minds that Biblical Counseling was the vessel God used to save our marriage.
– Steve



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