Where do you do your counseling?
Redeemer does not currently have a building, so we work out places to meet that fit the needs of our counsellees. Although we do almost all of our biblical counseling in San Antonio, on occasion we have counseled people in person in nearby cities, and if necessary we sometimes even use Skype or similar video calls for counseling.

What is biblical counseling?
Christians are commanded to love their neighbors. One aspect of this love is to help restore anyone who is struggling. In recent years this restoring ministry has come to be called “biblical counseling.” In the Bible, God revealed everything we need to know to rightly deal with all issues of life. Your counselor will help you use the Bible to find the answers to your problems and help you apply  those answers in practical ways.

Are Redeemer Community Church counselors certified by the State of Texas or the City of San Antonio?
No, Texas does not require certification of biblical counselors and neither does San Antonio. Our counselors pursue certification with the Association of Biblical Counselors (a certifying authority for biblical counselors).* Counseling will be done by one of our staff counselors or by one of the counselors in training. Those in training will be supervised and assisted by one of our staff counselors.

(*Some counselors have credentials from another source.)

Who can receive free counseling at Redeemer Community Church?
Counseling appointments are provided on a space-available basis. As a service to our community, we reserve a block of appointments on Monday evening specifically for neighbors who do not attend our church but who desire help with a personal problem. We focus our biblical counseling to local residents in the San Antonio area so we can have personal interaction, but we are willing to meet with persons from anywhere if our schedule permits.

Will information disclosed in counseling be held in strict confidentiality?
As a guest of Redeemer Community Church, information disclosed in counseling sessions will be held confidential unless the state requires disclosure. There are state and local laws that require disclosure of certain facts. These laws deal with criminal conduct and rarely affect the confidentiality of biblical counseling.

What will be expected of me if I pursue biblical counseling?
You must accept the authority of the Bible and conscientiously work at making biblical change. Your counselor will help you make changes by giving you practical assignments. Your counsleor will be firm in requiring you to complete the assignments. If you persevere you will be blessed.

What are the monetary costs of counseling at Redeemer Community Church?
Biblical counseling is done free of charge as a ministry of Redeemer Community Church. The only cost to you will be the purchase of books or other materials assigned by the counselor.

How long have you been offering free biblical counseling in San Antonio?
Redeemer Community Church has been offering free biblical counseling in San Antonio since our church formed in fall 2012. Some of our counselors have been offering free biblical counseling for more than 20 years.


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